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[BETA] Demo v0.1

This is an beta demo of Terra Feminarum which is still under development.

Terra Feminarum is a Finnish mythology themed Japanese style danmaku shoot ’em up. The characters and the story are based on Finnish mythology. The Gameplay and the art style are both highly inspired by Japanese danmaku shooters.


The story takes place in one of the ancient Kalevala’s provinces Terra Feminarum. “The Land of Women” is known from its red-blooded citizens and especially the woman shamans. Terra Feminarum is also the only province of the Kalevala leaded by women.

The bright dancing lights of the aurora illuminates the sky of Terra Feminarum every night. However, recently the northern lights have strangely become restless and weaken. Three the most powerful shamans of the Land of Women are willing to investigate the matter. The road to the Pohjola shall be traveled once more.

[BETA] Demo v0.1 Features

  • Modernized hand drawn graphics
  • HD resolution (up to 1920×1080)
  • Extra wide playfield. No wasted screen space!
  • Tutorial
  • 1 playable story chapter
  • 3 playable characters
  • 3 difficulties
  • Story Mode with enhancement & challenge system
  • Wide controller / joystick support with rebinding

Default Controls:

  • Keyboard
    • Arrow keys - move
    • L-Shift - focus / slow
    • Z - shoot
    • X - special
    • C - sprint (needs boot enhancement to work)
    • Esc - pause
  • Controller
    • Dpad - move
    • X / Square - focus / slow
    • A / X - shoot
    • B / Circle - special
    • Y / Triangle - sprint (needs boot enhancement to work)
    • Start/Options - pause

The game currently requires Java Runtime Environment Version 8 (or later) installed on the system.

If your system uses non-ASCII (for ex. cyrillic) character paths please download the .jar version of the game.

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terra_feminarum.exe 424 MB
terra_feminarum.jar 424 MB


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Unfortunately the bundled jre version isn't working for me (just gives me a prompt to download java) and I'm not willing to install java standalone anymore.  I hope you can get technical issues worked out by release, this looks great!

We are sorry that you couldn't play the game. If it's possible, could you please give your computer specs? It would help us with the investigation. We'll do our best to get the fix done. 

Thank you.

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The exact message is "This application requires a Java Runtime Environment 1.8.0-1.9.0"

I am running Windows 7 64bit Professional Service Pack 1. I do not have any JRE installed but it sounds like the exe is supposed to use one bundled in. I am running Japanese local but do not have any spaces or non-ascii characters in the file path I am running the exe from.

Good luck on the game!

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Yes, the JRE is bundled with .exe and it shouldn't need any additional installations (when working correctly). 

Thank you for giving detailed info about your setup. We will give our best to fix the problem. 

I'm with the same problem on the same Windows 7 64bits SP1. But I have jre8 installed (update 161, the current one).

The jar version worked fine!

My Windows language is portuguese. So I tried first the exe version.

Holy hell. I want more. Seriously. I love bullet hells or shmups in general and this game is everything I wan. Can't wait for updates. 

Hi Jordan, 

Thank you very much for making the video! It was thrilling to see how exited you were while playing the game.
We are glad you liked it. There's more to come sooner than you might expect.

Also, congratulations for clearing the first chapter on hard ;)