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"My Nature I shall try to raise, 
I shall summon my genius: my Nature from thy hole arise, 
my Haltia, from under a fallen tree, 
my Helper from beneath a stone, my Guide, from out the moss; 
come, dread inspiring Death, 
come at time of anguish dire, 
to give support, to safeguard me, 
to help me and to strengthen me for the work that must be done, 
the hurt that must be known about."

Terra Feminarum is a danmaku shmup where you act as one of three
shamans that race to the icy lands of Pohjola to find why the northern
lights have dimmed, blasting a path to the source of evil while
dodging rains of spellfire.

Terra Feminarum is Now Available on Itch.io!

Happy Kalevala's Day!

- Polar Night Games -

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