Terra Feminarum version 1.5 - Build Notes

New Features:

  • NOVICE mode has been added to the game. It's finally possible to experience the mystery behind the dimming northern lights in a beginner friendly enviroment!
  • Loading time at the games startup has been improved.

Gameplay Changes:

  • SPECIAL: "charge time" for unleashing the special attack has been removed (when at full mana).
  • SPECIAL: Unleashing the full power triggers full powered protective barrier now.
  • SPRINT is now usable from the start of the game (needed to unlock via upgrade before).
  • Invulnerable time after player death/respawn has been increased slightly.
  • PLAYER to ENEMY collision has been removed. 
  • Chapter 2: Warning telegraphs has been added to the unexpected enemy attacks.
  • Chapter 2 & Chapter 4: Bullet visibility has been improved.
  • Chapter 3 boss (spell: Whisk of Mortals): Spell has been adjusted to be more fair.
  • Chapter 4 boss (spell: Riptide): Spell has been adjusted to be more fair.
  • Chapter 6 boss (spell: Crusaders Mantle): Bullet visibility has been improved (stars).

Bug Fixes:

  • The game can be paused by pressing start (issue was affecting joysticks).
  • Global score screen shows all 10 results now.


  • The way how the save system works in the game engine has been changed for inevitable reasons. Because of the changes the old save files are not compatible with the version 1.5. We worked hard to avoid the loss of the player progress but we couldn't make it. We are deeply sorry for all the progress that has been lost. This issue does not affect the steam achievements or steam leaderboards.


terra_feminarum-1.5.zip 250 MB
Jul 30, 2018

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